Laureen + Tom / Palm Springs Wedding at Casa de Monte Vista

Palm Springs wedding Bride and groom

Babe, Lets Have a Tiny Wedding

Laureen and Tom have had a pretty damn special for a few years so it was about time they made it legal. A nod to Tom’s Irish roots had them gearing for a St. Paddy’s day wedding, but alas, due to logistics and timing – they decided to have a wedding a few days before, and to throw a fun reception and party instead on the 17th. When searching for a Palm Springs wedding photographer they told me they wanted something real, organic, so that they could just feel and be. We connected over Tom’s love of black and white film (he met the right gal for that right over here) and the simplicity and rawness of the desert.

Getting Ready with History

Casa de Monte Vista  is pretty known with Palm Springs weddings and the local history and lore. There are abundant stories of old Hollywood starlets partying here, and was a hang out for the rat pack in the 60’s. For getting ready before you say your vows, it packs some considerable charm and old school coziness. Laureen was gorgeously styled by our gal Nancy Z.  Each got ready separately in their own suites as the grounds are large enough to keep curious eyes and fast beating hearts apart for just a bit longer.

bride getting ready

groom getting ready

Smiles, Tears & Vows

When the time came for these two to make it legit there wasn’t a dry eye in place. Laureen and Tom kept the guest list just down to immediate family so this wedding was what I like to call, a family sized elopement. The Casa is so gorgeous and spacious, that really you can get married anywhere on this property – even in front of the front door! (which is what happened by the way) The vibe was classic Palm Springs, and the views were photo perfect.

bride and father walking down the aisle

bride and groom


I shot a mixture of film and digital shots on this wedding day, and the blend is so seamless, I honestly can’t quite tell which is which. While Tom and I share a love for black and white photography, we decided that the colorful splendor of the Casa would shine just a bit more in color film.

bride and groom palm springs wedding

Doesn’t quite look like a desert does it? The Casa is truly ever green.

Laureen’s super pretty gown is from a local boutique here in Palm Springs, My Little Bridal Boutique! Our town here has an international airport, but in spirit is still a small town (for me moving from LA its size is especially noticeable) Having a full service wedding shop is a pretty great resource. Laureen’s bouquet came from Palm Springs Florist.

Riding Off into the Desert

After the vows we braved the wind and I followed the couple behind their sweet vintage VW as drove, quite literally, into the sunset.

bride and groom in vintage VW

We thought the moodiness of the weather and the stark landscape was now well suited with some black and white film!

As I was taking this photo of Laureen, I won’t forget what Tom turned to me to say “Look, my two loves together. My wife, and my car.”



Casa de Monte Vista is one of my favorite places out here in the desert – to check out more Palm Springs wedding photography happening there take a peek {here}


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