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Super 8mm and 16mm film is old school motion film. Big screen cinemas use 35mm, while super 8mm and 16mm is a smaller format of the same medium. 

Super 8mm and 16mm has an innate nostalgic and beautiful quality to it. It's often faked and stimulated (#lookslikefilm) but why slap a film preset when you can have the real thing? Timeless, and full of emotion it brings a cinematic and enigmatic quality to your wedding. Memories captured on motion film look and feel different from any other wedding video. We didn't have a wedding film which we hugely regret. So, when we had our vow renewal in 2018, we made sure we had a film created. It was SO worth it.


About super 8mm + 16mm film

the beauty of

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Q: How long will my video be?
A: Your edited video will be about 2-5 minutes long. We typically edit it to the length of your song. 

Q: How many rolls of film will you shoot?
A: Depending on the day of the wedding, anywhere from 2-5 rolls

Q: Is there Audio?
A: No, we do not edit in voice overs. 

Q: Will you record the entire ceremony and toasts and speeches?
A: No, due to the limited amount of film, we are not able to record a ceremony or toasts or speeches in their entirety. If this is something that is super important to you, super 8mm and 16mm film might not be the best fit. We can recommend some amazing videographers if so. 

Q: Will we get the raw footage?
A: Yes. Not everything makes it into your video, but we’ve come to realize that every moment on a wedding day is priceless. Your raw edit will be included on your USB Drive. 

Q: How are you able to shoot photos and motion film on the same day?
A: I have a crew of trained assistants and camera operators who step in to the 1-2 moments that I cannot. This amounts to a total of only 15-20 seconds of the day. The walk to and from the aisle, your first kiss as a married couple...Otherwise, my assistant is there to keep us on time, manage my film and to help with my gear (and if possible- grab you a cocktail from the bar!)

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