From the Desert to the Sea

I have lived in California for most of my life, so having never been to Laguna Beach was a bit of a shocker to my beach side clients. We made the trek for the day to talk some wedding shop with one of our brides, and had an afternoon session scheduled at Shaw’s Cove. I have to say, Laguna is a new favorite spot. With tons of shopping, fine dining, and gorgeous beaches – we had a work day that felt more like a day off! Justine met us at Shaw’s Cove for a photoshoot featuring some yoga pants from her clothing line and hopped into some tricky poses on rocks amidst crashing waves. Needless to say, her skill and strength definitely captured the attention of some beach bunnies that day! Her friends from Sacramento joined in for some shots and our session turned into several wrapped into one tidy afternoon. Can you tell which ones are digital and which ones are shot on film?

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