Joshua Tree Engagement Portraits on 4×5 Film

I don’t use large format film too often with my clients as it can be a long shooting process – especially when it comes to my 4×5 view camera from 1946. I have to use a dark cloth to focus the image on a large screen, control the bellows, and make sure the subjects stay super still, as a single tiny movement can render their faces slightly out of focus

With Rio and Katelynn’s engagement session, it was definitely something worth giving a try. This unique and vivacious couple are having a steam punk themed wedding, and I thought my trusty view camera from 1946 would fit them so well, and give their engagement session a unique aspect. Their were super patient with me, and you can tell from the sharp photos, they froze perfectly. 4×5 film shooting does not afford me to be arbitrary or forget the essentials of shooting film, as one mistake is costly as we only had 3 shots. Each shot I used different film, expired mystery film, Kodak Ektar, and T-max 400.

Joshua Tree Engagement Portraits on 4x5 Film

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