Why You Need A Planner for your Palm Springs or Joshua Tree Wedding

Photograph of a Bride and groom's Elopement at Joshua Tree

So, as you can tell, I don’t often write these type of entries, but really felt like this particular question has come up a lot, so I thought this would be a good place to offer some ideas that would make your day seamless, timeless, and full of happy memories.

For us, as photographers, wedding planners are the stitches that bind all things wonderful and timely on a wedding day. They keep us, the bride, the groom, the wedding party, the family, the caterer, the baker, the venue….literally everything and everyone at the wedding together. While you are getting dressed in your wedding finery and reflecting on all the years and good times that have brought you and your beloved together to this moment, the wedding planner is checking that your cake is here, that the reception is being set up according to your plans, the flowers are just how you want them, and that your early bird guests are ushered to the right place. ¬†Without a planner, without a coordinator, all that responsibility falls on you, or either a designated friend/family/guest. In my most honest opinion, I believe that breathing a sigh of relief comes when you don’t have to think about those things on the most important day of your life. When I was getting ready for my wedding, all my thoughts were the vows I was about to make, and on Matthew. It would have been super stressful if I had to worry about all the plans for the celebration itself.

So to avoid myself writing a thesis on this subject, I thought it best to ask my wonderful wedding planner friends, Trish and from The Walk Down The Aisle and have them explain why you need a wedding planner. One thing to think about – wedding planning is a full time job, and very real one at that!

Q:Why do I need a wedding planner, I have full access to Google?
A: A planner will help you set a budget and stick to it, they help keep a timeline for the your wedding day, take delivery of the items ordered, help set up the details, you’ve planned for months, so you can spend your time at the hair and make trials or keep clinking the champagne glasses at the showers. Wedding planners can also help with etiquette questions, locating that special item you have seen on Pinterest and making the day come together seamlessly.
Q: How does having a wedding planner save me money?
A: Your planner saves you money by knowing local vendors, knowing the local venues, helping with the rental orders, they know what works and what doesn’t. We help you stay on budget but can help with making suggestions to cut something here or choose this over that. We give you advice on cutting the ice sculpture and to instead adding an experience for your guests, such as churro bar or that fun photo booth.
Q: How does a wedding planner save me time?
A: They can line up vendor meeting and rehearsals at the drop of the hat, and all you need to do is show up. They have the local vendors on speed dial and get your questions answers in a timely fashion. They can chase down the vintage rug for your aisle and make the calls you can’t do when your at work. They are your boots on the ground. Planning a Destination wedding can take 1000’s of emails and calls. Let us do the leg work.
Q: But, I don’t want someone taking charge of my wedding.
A: Planners don’t want to take charge of your wedding, you rule the roost.The couple is the one who has the final say on their wedding, We know the urgency on booking vendors, especially during wedding season, and we will keep you on track, so you don’t loose out on your first choice – or loose those reclaimed wood tables, because they weren’t reserved. We are here for you. When the stress sets in, we are the Switzerland of your wedding, you can bend our ear and find that “peace of mind” again. Wedding planning should be fun, we want you to enjoy the experience and be able to stand back and be stress free on your wedding day.
Q: I have a small budget and can’t afford a planner.
A: We have a packages for all budgets, on the day of your wedding you don’t want to be running around taking deliveries, trying to find the items not delivered. Or taking the call that someone is not coming or is running late. Leave that to someone who knows how to solve the problem. We also do the timeline for the day, this is an essential tool for all vendors and venue to be on the same page..Let us take your stress away. Trust me when I say, I know we all have family and friends that want to help..But, they too need to get dressed and help you celebrate your life moment..Let them enjoy the wedding and the planner do the work.
Q: What’s the difference between a day of coordinator and a wedding coordinator?
A: Typically a day of planner, takes your year of planning and invoices two weeks before wedding and will confirm the vendors and build a timeline. At TWDTA we like our hybrid package for “day of “, as we like to build the tribe with you and be there for you, ask questions, help with vendor selection, and we like to be able to work with you to coordinate the best timing of vendors to get more bang for you buck. Thus being a wedding coordinator(coordinating vendors and timing) and taking the stress out of the unknown..Face it for most couples this will be their first wedding they are planning, and it gets overwhelming, we plan on average 30 plus weddings a year, so why not hire someone who knows the process and helps you manage the stress. Giving you that “Peace of Mind” the day of your wedding..
Trish Jones
Thank you Trish for taking the time out to put it so precisely. These planners are so good¬†at their job. I have had many a meeting with them where (eeeek) I thought to myself, “wow. I didn’t even think about that.” Its for real- a dream wedding venue comes with the very sobering reality of the process involved to make it happen. Hope this lil’ blog entry has been a resource for you soon to be wedded folks that are sorta on the fence on hiring a planner. Our vote – get one, and if you are getting hitched in the Palm Springs or high desert towns near Joshua Tree, call Trish!
Thanks for reading! xxChristina

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