2/22/22 Palm Springs Wedding for Two at the Talavera Hotel

black and white film image of bride and groom kissing on a staircase

Thats a lot of two’s in that title, I know, but really the best time for a Palm Springs Wedding is in February & March. My bride and groom here, friends since childhood btw, chose such a cool number to get married on, and I’m a sucker for all things shiny, and also, numerical alliteration. They were married at this beautiful and charming hotel called the Talavera.

Setting the Scene to be Seen

I’m going to start this by saying something controversial. While I love the practicality of the first look – how it makes everything on a wedding day so much easier – I think it can be corny at times to photograph. I’m always trying to find ways to buffer the very orchestrated first look thing to come off and feel & look more real, more natural. My couple here decided to nix that and just get ready together, which to me feels so intimate, so loving, and is beautiful to see as two people reflect on their past and soon to be future together.

Palm Springs Wedding Oasis

The Talavera is lush, with Balinese inspired accents sprinkled through out the property. The desert feels like a far away place once you are on this quiet and calming atmosphere. With no first look we explored the property together for some photos and to take in the views before the ceremony.

I photographed this wedding in film and digital, but I’m only showcasing the film as its always been a personal preference of mine anyhow – a mix of medium & 35mm formats. Doesn’t it yield a dreamy soft quality?

Here Comes the Bride and Groom

We choose a quiet space for the ceremony near the rear of the property for the ceremony. It was a tight fit nestled amongst the bamboo trees, but who cares right? I was the only guest.


While I’m not a very emotional person, I am however very sentimental. I thought it was only proper for these two to have a memento for, with, and to remember, their favorite day by. I gifted them with a pair of vintage champagne glasses and after the ceremony, celebrated with some champagne. My idea is that they will always have a pair of glasses to drink from on their anniversary.


Desert Wanderlust

People ask me what I do when I have nothing to do. While that is a rarity in itself (hey two small kids will do that!) my response is, I drive. I get lost, and really just wander around, most often with my little boy. For a small child, he is really the best road tripper buddy a person can ask for. It helps that he is cute and always willing to be photographed as well. Its on these random excursions that I find these photogenic and quirky desert locations. My dream pink Palm Springs house is one of my finds.


I wish Matt’s favorite color was pink because that would be all that I need to paint my own desert abode this color. But alas, he has otherwise a very strong opinion on this.


It makes for a pretty spot for pictures doesn’t it! I wonder if the owners recognize me by now on their Ring camera.


From my fantasy house we move into the classic mid century mod neighborhoods that are often a draw for some folks to have a Palm Springs wedding in the first place. I like to stop at Elvis’ honeymoon house and from there, we explore by foot.

45760021 copy
45760017 copy

I photographed a lot of black and white film for this wedding as the sun leaves us early in the winter, and I love black and white on a cloudy day. I’m also in the middle of building a dark room so I like to have negatives that I can print from myself later on.


And Now the End is Near

I love being a Palm Springs Wedding photographer whose first love is film, and I can’t do it without the help of my local lab in San Gabriel, and the vendors that are part of making this lovely day, loveliest. The flowers were by Hermano Flower Shop! To see another tiny wedding check out my post on Hillary and Michelle’s Palm Springs home wedding.

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