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Super 8mm & Hi-8 Camcorder Wedding Video

Not Your Traditional Wedding Video

I get asked a lot, “do you do video?” And I can’t ever really give a yes or no answer, as its always a yes + BUT… I don’t do digital wedding videos in the traditional or conventional way. I think having a wedding film is so so crucial to your wedding day (please do it in whichever form fits your vibe best really!). I had a super 8mm wedding film done for our vow renewal and during the 2020 home lockdowns, it was all I watched to remind myself of the happy feels and all the faces I so missed. It reminded me of a good time, and reminded me of slight quick changing and fleeting moments that photos can only capture in one dimension. With video, you get a multi-dimensional addition to your memories. Its just natural that our brains with time and age forget these small, quick and fleeting moments, so I kinda make it my mission to capture them when I see them and remind you, yes, this happened.

I’m gonna to gulp down my wave of vulnerability and share it here. Yes we love Rocky Horror Picture Show, and yes, it was rated G. Shot by my dear friend Jose Verdejo and edited by myself, to my favorite tune in RHPS. We got ready at Circus Circus, my pal Chelsea Nicole did my hair and makeup, and Matt and I found our outfits at some vintage shops in downtown Burbank, California. We got hitched again with 25 of our nearest and dearest at a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed chapel, and partied at the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. (We celebrate Oktoberfest every year so this decision was the easiest.) Matt asked me later that night why we didnt get married this way the first time around, and I gently reminded him it was because he didn’t want to upset his Grandma.

Las Vegas Vow Renewal, shot in Super 8mm film

Whats the Big Difference with film versus digital?

This is the million dollar question I get asked all the time…A digital videographer is versed with all the latest technology. There will be voice overs, drone capabilities, several great digital cameras, and the big major difference : all day inclusive and pretty much non stop shooting. With film I’m limited to a cannister of film yielding 2-3 minutes each at most, and I do my editing in camera in the moment. I know before I get into my car to drive to your venue, I know what I plan on shooting and how. Of course I leave room for those spontaneous fleeting moments, but everything is very calculated. Also, these cameras are old AF. I have an arsenal of super 8mm and 16mm cameras because failure happens. (Friendly PSA here – if you hire a wedding photographer or wedding videographer for super 8mm PLEASE ASK WHAT THEIR BACKUP METHODS ARE) I’ve been burned by film breaking in camera, a shitty lab that had no generator, equipment failure, and only here in the desert, a camera seizing due to the heat.) Life happens and a super 8mm operator should always have a contingency plan in place. No scare mongering here, just awareness that a true professional knows what to do and will always make sure the day is saved.

Digital wedding videography captures so much that this isn’t really an issue. There is so much footage capture that I feel can be a wonderland candy store for a brilliant editor to make an incredible wedding film. I am very much drawn to wonderful editing that avoids the slow motion overly forced dramatic vibes that some wedding video templates seem to gravitate towards.

I think the best way to describe why you would choose a super 8mm/16mm/hi-8mm camcorder video over a more conclusive and content abundant digital video, is that you are the person that wants a taste of some motion, but that the conventional wedding video just aint your thing.

Hi-8 Camcorder Videos

This is a new thing I started doing last year. The thought of a wedding video with vintage vibes for us 90’s kids just struck me as being something SO FUN. Its way more accommodating price wise to produce and for our era, so relatable. For me, its just another more modern version of super 8mm – think more America’s Funniest Home Videos vs Wonder Years. I first tried it on a wedding I traveled to Greece for, which you can see above and here. I combined it with super 8mm and when it was all finished, I cried tears of joy, happiness, relief (an experiment that looked amazing!!), and extreme fondness and nostalgia for the trip and wedding I had just experienced. Your wedding film video should make you feel such intense highs.

hi-8 camcorder wedding video, Palm Springs

Next up, Allie + Shaun’s video done entirely in hi-8 only. I found the perfect song to match their day. This is an absolute favorite of mine because while the limitations of video and film are still there to challenge and inspire, there is just more give that allows me just an extra bit of experimentation, and allows me to capture just a bit more without the frugality that comes with super 8mm. I’m limited to only the battery life and the amount of tapes I bring. I have a few more hours now that I can cover, as opposed to the minutes that super 8mm and 16mm yields.

Choose Your Vibe Accordingly

Videos are subject to intense personal view, vibes and opinions. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to me how a wedding video is done, but that each and every couple consider their options budget and stylewise, and just get something to have. Its a wonderful thing to see a few weeks or months after the video is completed – you will feel a wave of insane happiness and relive all those feelings all over again. And I promise, it will be something that like photos, will carry you for years to come. I promise, you won’t regret it. To check out some more of my videos you can stalk my Vimeo page here and check out some more Palm Springs and destination wedding films!

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