Hicksville Pines Buds & Breakfast Wedding / Idyllwild

An Idyllwild Wedding more like Idyll-a-awhile

This is a good story. Two artists fall in love, one loves metal and the other is a skilled potter and ceramicist. Adam and Sarah were married in the woods amidst colored cabins, themed rooms, and with no shortage of kitsch.  I have a heart that beats to a weirdo off beat drummer. Show me two paths and I’ll take the one down the deep dark murky wood because – why not? To me, interesting is always better than familiar. Imagine my delightful surprise upon stepping onto Hicksville Pines for this Idyllwild wedding.

**Most of this wedding was happily shot on film!**

idyllwild wedding photo of bride and groom

Choose Your Own Adventure

Each cabin has its own theme with no shortage of details to spare. Adam chose the Twin Peaks themed lodge (I’m all heart eyes for David Lynch) while Sarah chose the Dita room. Not exactly sure what the theme was to Dita, but it was a dash of vixen, a sprinkle of old kitsch, and a whole lotta lady style. Sarah’s dress looks pretty vintage because it is! She is wearing her mother’s old wedding gown, which of course impressed me to no end. She looked so damn good in it. And the flowers? DIY baby!

First Look in the Woods

These images tell their own story. Sarah and Adam were poised, stoic, and happy whilst getting ready, but they damn near lost it when they saw each other. I loved seeing all her friends and family peek out from the curtains inside. So sweet. And yes, they are as cool as they look!


The Woods is My Church

The ceremony site is just down the way, past the tipi and just beyond the live mariachi band. Did I say tipi? Yes I did, there is a full scale 20 foot tipi on the property too. Sarah & Adam had a hand made arch, placed on a deck on top of a small hill. It was tranquil, peaceful, and it looked perfect. Every single detail to this wedding was theirs, made by them, and made by their friends. There was an abundance of creativity and talent together that day.

Time for a Cocktail

After the ceremony, the three of us explored the property, while everyone else grabbed the cups that Sarah made (yes she hand made 100 of them!!) and filled it with their booze of choice. They were beautiful. Sarah had some left over and we each got to take one home, I still have mine and cherish it as a reminder of the really wonderful day it was. Check out the details. Matt often asks me “when will you ever get tired of all this kitsch?” My answer, “hmm. Like never.” Sarah and I have a lot in common in this regard.

To the End

The end of the evening was filled with toasts, cheers, and  lots of wine. Wheat and Fire from Palm Springs did the catering, and they drove up the Palms to Pines Hwy with a wood fired pizza oven. Everything was absolutely delicious. This wedding was in June, and the weather was just perfect. Usually by this time of year in the desert you are sitting in your tank top with likely no shorts on right in front of the AC. But up here, it felt like we were just getting eased into summer. Dancing happened after dinner, and I wandered around with the guests all eager to show off their quirky cabin. It was hard to choose a favorite. However lets be honest here, since we are all friends, if I was hanging with Timothy Leary or with Tommy Chong, it’d probably be the 420 cabin. What can I say? I loved the room decorated with black light posters. A close favorite would be the Mondo Trasho room, or the John Waters room. 

If you’d like to see more of this wedding, our friends at the Offbeat Bride has got it right {here}  


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