Moorten Botanical Garden Wedding

A Palm Springs Wedding

bride and groom at Moorten Botanical gardenMoorten Botanical Garden Wedding

Since I moved to the desert a few years ago, I have loved spending a lazy afternoon at the Moorten Botanical Garden – you’d likely be finding me at the front – asking Clark Moorten 101 questions on how to keep my succulents alive (easiest plants to take care of?! I think NOT!). Fast forward a few years later, I had the honor of photographing Christine and Nick’s Moorten Botanical Garden wedding. Its a dreamy and sweet little space.


Lipstick and Lace at the Ace

The couple decided to get dolled up and ready at the Ace hotel (a cozy 3 minute drive from Moorten Botanical Garden) For April, it was a bit warmer than usual, so we kept things cool, stayed indoors when possible, and took our time getting ready. Christine had her lovely sisters with her (seriously, the prettiest 3 sisters ever) and their daughter. My heart turned to a mushy mess when I saw how the little girl doted on the bride. A plus side to a weekday wedding? The hotel was quiet, relaxing, and everything was just so chill. Diggin’ her dress? Yeah us too. The designer is Sarah Seven

Putting a Ring on it At Moorten Botanical Garden

Moorten Botanical Garden has a beautiful beautiful history. The Moorten Family has owned this unique place for a long time, and if there is ever a place that is old school Palm Springs, this place is it. Nick + Christine held their vows on the front lawn of the family home that is onsite, and we spent some time exploring around the property. The cactarium is a familiar sight with bloggers and other couples getting hitched in the desert, but its still a really photogenic sight to behold in person. Visit the garden the next time you are in town and buy a cactus!

Pretty picture perfect. The Palm Springs florist created the super pretty bouquet. Love their work?  – Then check out Caroline + Steve’s wedding!


Tacos and Cocktails

Mr. Lyon’s is a beautifully designed restaurant out here in the desert. And it happens to be oh so conveniently located just across the street from the garden! A speakeasy was added recently, and is one of the many cool new features that this property has. These new additions have made it a great venue for a cocktail hour and a reception dinner. The newlyweds mingled with guests on the outdoor patio as the sky turned to dusk and the temp finally made its evening decent. We took off for some desert photos after the couple had some cocktails and they enjoyed some quiet time with each other.  
A Night in White Silk


Check out some of these photos of the reception space at Mr. Lyon’s. We definitely hope to be back – its such a beautiful space to be in!


Finally, if you liked seeing this wedding, check out another classic Palm Springs landmark wedding at Casa de Monte Vista!

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