A Modern Parker Palm Springs Wedding in Film & Super 8mm

To Know the Parker is to Love It


I live much of the year about 5 minutes away from the Parker Palm Springs hotel. To shoot a Parker Palm Springs wedding there means a very short commute to what is one of the most photographed, loved and iconic Palm Springs hotels. There are no shortage of scenic views and vignettes here.

Getting Dressed Has Never Been More Exciting

invitation suite
bride peeking out of door

People sometimes question the whole point of getting ready photos – I think its a really nice beginning of your narrative, visually. It can feel abrupt if your set of photos begin with a first look or anywhere else. The rooms at the Parker are so gorgeous, its definitely worth making time for it if your space is lovely (which more often than not it will be!)

The Croquet Lawn Chapel


Its so pretty here, and so green (considering we are in the desert!) that a Parker Palm Springs Wedding is nothing short of gorgeous, au naturel.

This last wedding film photo is my favorite because I can just feel the excitement and mix of feelings, the sometimes awkwardness of being the center of all this attention, and of course the “holy shit we just got married” vibes.

The Parker Wedding Portrait Options Aplenty

bride and groom in front of hotel

You can’t get married at the Parker without having your photo taken in front of the iconic and landmark breezeway. When I think of Palm Springs or a Palm Springs wedding, I think of this wall. But! There are so many options in this venue, don’t stop at just one spot.

Never Too Many Flowers or Candles

bridal bouquet

The reception room was gorgeous, flowers and decor done by my good friend VasoBello – Ronn’s work is incredible!


A wedding reception is always the fun part…especially when you are on holiday in Palm Springs!


I like to experiment a lot at night with different film photography things – I like busting out a star filter, using multiple exposures with colored gel on the flash…there are so many ways of breathing life into party photographs instead of just photographing folks frozen in mid dance.


Super 8mm Wedding Film

I think video is so important – no matter your style or vibe. To see yourselves in motion years later…can literally bring your senses back to the day. When I see my vow renewal video, so much emotion comes back to me. I remember how my shoes hurt, how uncomfortable I was as I was in the early stages of a pregnancy…how happy I was…how excited and so moved that all my friends came to Vegas for me…literally so much emotion and feeling – I am so sorry I didn’t get a video for Matthew and I actually were married the first time.

Enjoy the video, and if you are curious about super 8mm and why motion film – check out this other blog I wrote all about it! You can see my vow renewal video there – enjoy!!

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