Enchanted Elopement in Taos, New Mexico

a couple wearing all black walking through snow

The first time I went to New Mexico was before I pursued photography as a major in art school and before I even owned anything medium format film. I was armed with tons of throw away film cameras and I drove through a blizzard in the north, and warmed up by a drive straight through the south of the state, and back home to Phoenix, Arizona, where I lived at the time. I thought, this is it. I took so many photos, I thrived in the culture, the food, the pinon scented air, and I never wanted to leave. However, it took leaving the Southwest to realize, I have to come back.

To Come Back, You Have to Leave First

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Maddy and Juan met me in Northern New Mexico on a cold January day for their Taos elopement. It was Juan’s first time in Northern New Mexico so I thought it would be fun to take them around to see some of my favorite places to showcase the landscape and the architecture.

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The first part of their Taos elopement took place in their lovely hotel, the El Monte Sagrado, very close to the city center. They got ready in their room and we chatted about all the things we saw and did in Taos in the days leading up to their wedding.

Exploring the Hotel in Layers, Literally

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Both Maddy and Juan wore black suits – we loved how they stood out amongst the architecture and the snow. They came after a big fresh storm, making the winter feeling so much more special.

We wanted their Taos elopement photos to be candid, authentic, intentional….we wanted the photos to remind them of what everything felt like on the day of. Looking back at these now I have the smell of burning pinon wood in my mind, and I can still feel my fur hat on my head…and I can hear the crunching of their boots on the snow.

We explored the hotel as wedding portraits at the El Monte Sagrado are so pretty. I’ve been shooting film again with my older square format Hasselblad, and the results make me so happy.

Taos Elopement Style

From the hotel I wanted to show them an old church built in classic adobe style and an abandoned nightclub across the street – anything really to enjoy our experience together and let them both reflect on soon saying their vows to one another.

Forever, in Taos

We bundled up, and did a short hike overlooking the stunning Rio Grande Gorge (in all these years I still haven’t summoned the courage to cross the bridge on foot).

Golden Hour Over the Gorge

Once the spot was chosen, an official Taos elopement happened with exchanged vows, rings, and misty eyes. The wind and cold absorbed their words, and they were married. I asked them to hug like one was leaving on a flight the next day; it wasn’t just a prompt as Juan was soon leaving on a north American tour.

Home is Under the New Mexico Sky

We stay for the enchanting sunset as the sky turned to mauve. I took them back to their hotel we hugged and said our good byes. Knowing Juan was leaving shortly for a long work trip felt especially poignant. I hope to see these two again either in Taos or maybe someplace else that we both travel to.

This wedding photos shown here were all shot in film. I also made a super 8mm film, so I’ll write about that in another blog! For more desert elopements, take a peek here.

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