April to May from the Low to High Desert to Los Angeles and Back Again

Its been a whirlwind of weddings, celebrations, engagements. I feel like I closed my eyes in March and upon opening my eyes, here I am, at my last wedding of May. Its officially summer here in Palm Springs and we have seen off so many wonderful couples, nay friends(!) happily married off and beginning new adventures. With a few more weddings to go before I take a month off to tap into the wanderlust that is beating loudly into my heart and soles of my feet, I am thinking of all the friends and celebrations I have been a part of the past several weeks.

Many weddings have been in the Palm Springs area, while some couples have taken us onto adventures to Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, to a romantic off the beaten path runaway wedding in Joshua Tree, to a family affair at the La Quinta Resort, to feeding giraffes at the Living Desert (if you haven’t done so already, go see these magnificent creatures) to celebrations that become one with the scenic sunset haze of our desert.

A lot of film has been scanned and shot with, and while we are nearing the end of our Spring here in the desert, I am thinking of the summer and all the adventures the coming months have in store for us. Since we will be on the road for beginning of the summer, we will be suspending any travel fees for most western states. If you will be in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Montana, Nevada, Utah or Arizona and want memories captured  – holler at me! Have film, will travel. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the memories we have been devoted to the past several weeks capturing. Its been an adventure, and its only just begun. Hello summer, I am ready for you. xxChristina

Wedding Photography at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley

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